Our Solution

We offer effective Integrated Pest Management Plan for your home and
businesses by using 3-step approach:

Comprehensive inspection – During survey inspection, we examine your house, commercial or industrial property thoroughly from top to bottom, inside and out for current or potential pest problem. We are trained to identify pest threats and risk areas. We will detect any environmental issues or structural conditions conducive to pests’ habitats and infestation.

Focus on prevention – We work with you to design a customised pest management plan. Where feasible, we start with exclusion, sanitation and other non-chemical options.

Responsible methods – We select the most effective treatment using the best methods for your family, staff and environment.

On-going Protection – During our regular service inspections and trappings, we monitor for signs of pest activity, look for pest conducive conditions and ensure that your pest management program is working effectively. We focused on prevention and potential points of entry.

Documentation and Communication – After each service, we document complete information on the treatment action(s), pest(s) identification, population size and distribution (if applicable) as well as recommendations for future prevention. This documentation process is essential to establish trends and patterns in the pest outbreaks.