The main objective is to construct a chemical barrier immediately underneath the building structure so that the Subterranean Termites will not be able to enter from their nest in the soil into the building.

Pre-construction stage (Soil Treatment)

Technically this is the best time to carry out termite-proofing because a more thorough job can be carried out. The soil is saturated with termiticide solution after the soil is compacted and just before concreting. It involves power spraying with pump pressure the termiticide solution at the compacted soil surface area. The apron area, which is completed at the final stages of the construction, will also be treated (if applicable).

As prevention against leaching by the rain and also to reduce chemical degradation by the sun, the treated areas are covered with a black polythene sheet immediately after the spraying has been completed. Thereafter, concrete can then be immediately poured on top of the polythene sheet.

Post-construction stage (Corrective Treatment)

To control subterranean termites that have invaded a building is to inject termiticide formulation into the soil immediately surrounding and underlying the foundation and footing of the building to create a chemical barrier to the termites. This is accomplished by drilling 3/4 inch diameter holes at 20 -24 inch intervals through pavement directly adjoining the foundation e.g. cement porches, patios, sidewalks and driveways as well as drilling slab floors along foundation walls and external/interior perimeter walls. The holes are then resealed.