Why Us

When you work with Verminator, you get access to the industry’s experts dedicated to pest control, not just field specialists but also entomologists. These are the reasons why you should choose to work with us:

1. Strong Leadership and Corporate Culture

Verminator has been in the pest management industry on solid footing and has garnered many Government clientele. The Company is led by a Management Team which has more than 100 years of combined experience, extensive knowledge and qualified expertise in all aspects of pest control and customer service management. We have a deep sense of “who we are” and is backed by a culture of alignment. Everyone in the company knows that quality of customer services, on-time performance and safety are expected of them every day. It is our corporate philosophy to instil every staff to take pride in their work thereby delivering their personal best.

2. Strong Financial Health

Verminator’s growth has been very strong and consistent with positive growth track throughout the years. The Company is prudent in cash management and invests in her people as they are our critical resource. The Company’s financial system is robust, compliant and is able support the Company’s current activities as well as future growth.

3. Customer Focus

We differentiate ourselves in a meaningful way beyond price. Our dedicated Field Specialist team was born out of a desire to provide service excellence by engaging in a true partnership with our customers. We are flexible and highly attuned to our customers’ needs and requirements. We actively work with our customers to help them meet their organisation’s goals and objectives. This approach has resulted in a significant number of our customers returning to engage us for our services again and again – a direct testimony of our professionalism and client satisfaction.

4. Excellent Track Records

Verminator has consistently garnered numerous government contracts year after year. By partnering with our customers closely, we become their trusted resource. We build trust and nurture the relationship with our partners. When opportunity arises, we educate our customers on relevant industry developments, trends and technologies. As a result, majority of the customers exercise the option to extend the contract duration and many became repeat customers. This bear testament to our quality and professional performance.

5. Smooth Transition with Minimal Disruptions

Transition usually is the most challenging part of any take-over engagement and assumes critical significance, particularly if there is resistance from within due to compressed timelines and lack of information. The transition is also the yardstick by which client-provider relationship is initially measured.

Verminator endeavours to manage the transition successfully so as not to risk our customer’s business disruption and to build stable relationships with relevant parties. We capitalise on our past project management experiences to ensure smooth transition with careful planning and execution for every project that we are involved in. We recognise that every project is different and thus, we gain early understanding of the project challenges to manage our resources effectively. Every new project will be overseen by an experienced and competent Manager/Supervisor and a team of field Specialists.